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Unboxing a New TV


Reduce, reuse, recycle!

What we do can be best described with a little story...

"The life of a TV."

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, brand new TV! It was top-of-the-line of it's time. One day, it was on the shelf and someone came in and purchased it to take home. 

They set up the TV and it was magnificent! The buyer was so happy with it and knew they'd enjoy it for years to come. So many movies, sports games, TV shows, video games were watched on it. So much enjoyment was had. 

As the years had passed by, the owner noticed that the TV started having a few issues. The owner knew the TV's time was coming to an end. They wanted to upgrade. 

The owner finally decided that it was time to retire the old broken TV and was getting ready to buy another one. They decided to donate the TV to their local thrift store "FourLeaf Thrift Store". 

FourLeaf Thrift took the "old broken TV" and took out all the parts from it: the main-board, the power cord, the LED strips, the sound board, speakers, power board, base/stand, t-con board so many useful parts! Then, the parts were available for sale and people purchased them to fix their TVs. That TV saved so many other TVs from going to the landfill! The other parts from the TV were recycled.


The moral of the story is that even if you think the item is not useful, broken or "old"... donate it! Give it a chance to extend it's life by being reused, recycled, parted-out or even refurbished.  By saving one item, sometimes you may even save many more than you think! 

Decreasing waste, saving money, and increasing happiness all over the world! 

#gogreen #reuse #donate #reutilize 

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